Victory suffered


Dallas Cowboys

This early season for the Dallas Cowboys is showing that the team is missing out on a few players who have left the team.
The retirement of Jason Witten is clear in the match with the safety ball when the Dallas in a descent of few yards has no one to do this.
The absence of Dez Bryant in the attack a true WR that currently the Dallas Cowboys has no one to his competence, unfortunately putting Cole Breasley as WR number 1 is too much for him that would be a medium quality WR.
Our center Travis Frederick is missing a lot in the middle of the bout and this makes the pocket close quickly but your health comes first. (Travis Force).
And what about our QB Dak Prescott who after the first season fell a lot of production and can not make the great moves we saw in his debut in the NFL.
Our defense is well posted and shows no shortage of the great leader Sean Lee who from the edge of the field commands this team. Today we saw D. Lawrence destroying the QB of Detroit with 03 sacks he was a monster and has been like this since the beginning of the season.
Looking at this Dallas Cowboys today we see a team of 1 player only E. Elliott and some who struggle most unfortunately do not match and with that we see a Dallas suffering to win at home and I do not see with optimism that team reach the playoffs.
In today's game we see that E Elliott made 25 receptions and this was more than the whole team without talking about the play at the end that he receives a deep ball which is not his characteristic, it would be evidence that the attack has no one that we can rely on a safety ball to be able to win. I think Jerry Jones does not mind winning a Super Bowl because putting together a team that only has one reliable athlete is too little to win the Super Bowl.

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