Outburst for the Dallas Cowboys



Obs: Sorry if something goes wrong, because I used a translator.

Good evening!
I come to vent a little.
How sad to see the Dallas Cowboys like that, an apathetic team that has a coach who only knows how to clap on the side of the field and I don't see him vibrating with the team.
We need a clever coach who wants to win and not only clap his hands on the side of the field and this is also for the whole team, nobody screams anyone shows blood in the eyes nobody wants to be Super Bowl champion just play one more game just and that's very little for us fans.
Remembering the last two titles and seeing the claw you had makes us miss you.
It is pathetic to see the team on the pitch, a team totally predictable that the defenses have no difficulty guessing what will be the move without boldness that takes a team to the Super Bowl and year after year the same thing.
The Dallas Cowboys have 5 Super Bowls and it seems they don't want any more.
See the Dak and see a player with no claw and desire to win; should be the head of the team who calls the game to themselves and always shout:
Let's win, let's make history, let's get on top of them and win this game for us and the fans there to see the game and the love we have speaks more than the big money they make.
I could never go to see a Dallas Cowboys game in the USA, but I don't miss a Dallas Cowboys game either by computer or TV and since 1985 I have been following this team which today is my greatest love in sports.
I finish by telling all of you who make up the Dallas Cowboys team, You may just pass by the Dallas Cowboys but I am a fan and I will always be loving my team.
Let silver star always shine in the blue cloak of the sky.
Go Dallas Cowboys.


©2009 Dallas Cowboys e Cheerleaders