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Note: I'll try to make a translation using a translator, so I apologize if something goes wrong.

The Dallas Cowboys had an important task in the house that was to win the Seattle Seahawk, which nobody imagines that the 23-13 victory would be so hard.
Anyone who watched the game can see a Dallas Cowboys very difficult to make plays and that hindered the expansion of the score.
The first and second quarter we only had 6 points for both teams, that is no attack was efficient to score the TD, and once again in a campaign that I would magnify the Dallas Cowboys, it comes out of his end zone and went to the end opposing zone and getting there could not convert the TD, which has been occurring frequently in games of the Dallas Cowboys.
Tony Romo was always to save your player played TE Jason Witten who made the first TD of the game on a perfect pass from Tony Romo in the middle for 33 yard run, and that was the final 3:17 of the third quarter.
In the fourth quarter L. Robinson made his one TD pass from Tony Romo for six yards, gave it a break for the Dallas Cowboys who started the game and manage a field goal with D Bailey finished the scoring.
The defense had a hard play and made only one sack which is very little to this defense, the more it his duty not to leave the Seattle scoring.
We had three interceptions that we should give merit to the Dallas Cowboys players and our secondary is that both suffer from the criticism.
Actually the Dallas Cowboys is not doing a very good campaign this season and we see a team that has two faces.
One of the paper, that is an excellent team on paper does not say that he sees the team will struggle to win their games.
A second field that presents a great difficulty in playing, where his comantande Tony Romo does not always choose the right moves and that makes the team in difficult situations.
Now we're 4-4 and I believe we can win a few more 3 or 4 games with great difficulty.
Now you do not miss the charm and beauty are our cheerleaders, which again gave a concert at Cowboys Stadium.

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