Positive and negative points.


He excuses if he has some mistake, I used a translator.
One more season finished and we are here to see the positive and negative points of that season now.

Positive points
For me the positive points of that Dallas Cowboys were that:
* Our three Running Backs are of first line.
* K. Brooking was a thankful surprise, it arrived and already if it turned a leader in the group.
* M. Austin the largest surprise of that Dallas Cowboys.
* M. Jenkins played a lot and it should grow much more, great athlete.
* The atmosphere seemingly appears to be of calm, that went very good for team.
* We got to arrive and to win a playoff game, that is good since he makes a long time that that didn't happen.
* Cowboys Stadium inauguration, beautiful and wonderful Stadium.
* He was champion of the Division East.
* Felix Jones a luxury reservation for Marion Barber; that Felix will become one of the largest Running backs of NFL.

Negative points

* We don't have plays for 4 down 1 or 2 yards. He arrives to be ridiculous not to get that.
* Head Coach very conservative, could have won games with a little more of daring.
* The-line that doesn't leave time for QB to throw calmly.
* QB that is not so rocking, one day plays very other it plays badly.
* Kicker that has more precision of long reach.
* Roy Willians, we played with a player the minus, he was a disaster, he didn't make the paper that should do, Dallas should sell him, it was not approved.
* F. Adams, a lot of penalties, that does with that the team walks back.
* A lot of penalties of the team, the team only has to lose with that.

Sells the powders and obstacles Dallas Cowboys did a good season, now it is to render attention, because that season at end will be in Cowboys Stadium.

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